Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dude, She’s Not Going to Make It

Have I mentioned before that I have never in my life met anyone who needs to smoke pot MORE than Jeff’s ex Marcy? She is a nervous wreck. She is hyper and everything is always “I’m just so concerned; I’m really worried; I just don’t know what to do.”

So recently Ethan has had a friend named Jack who became his BFF. Marcy kind of pushed them together because Jack’s family is rich and “he’s one of the most popular kids in the school.” They became inseparable, and soon Jack was spending every Friday night at Marcy’s and every other Friday night with us. It almost became a bit weird, in that Jack has several other siblings and after establishing a pattern spending the night at Marcy’s on her Fridays, she said to the parents to “just count on Jack spending the night here on Fridays” and then tried to get Jeff to enter into that contract as well for HIS Fridays and he was like “No, that’s weird.” But we totally didn’t mind having Jack over; he seems like a good kid; he’s very polite; he’s no problem for us. And Ethan & Jack reminded me of Sophie and Taylor, her BFF across the street, and of me and Summar in our younger years, when Summar essentially became part of my family because she was always over (we used to tease her that she only came over for the pizza, and I teased Jack that he only came over for the bacon and eggs). Jeff and I started calling Jack our “Friday night son.” 

The boys seemed to get along well and Jack was always polite to me and Jeff and Sophie and Taylor but it did get a bit weird - at one point, Ethan started parting his hair to the side like Jack instead of spiking it up like usual, and Jeff called him out on it.

And then this week something happened. Jeff was picking up Ethan at Marcy’s and she had to go over his summer camp schedule with him and she said that Ethan & Jack “broke up.” Apparently Jack said something about how Ethan invited him over TOO much and Marcy said “I’m so concerned; Ethan seems really upset about this; should I move? Should I switch schools?”
Yes, she seriously said that. She wanted to move, make Ethan switch schools, because he got in a tiff with a friend. Like, 24 hours ago. Ethan was in the bathroom when she said that and he yelled out, “MOM! What?! I’m not switching schools!”

Dude, I’m not talking about a bully situation here. There are some school situations, learning and/or social, where it might be better for your kid to switch schools. But this was a tiff with a friend - I don’t even think it was a fight; Jack just stopped talking to Ethan from the gist of it that I get, and who knows, they may be back to BFFs by next week. Lord if I had switched schools each time I got in a tiff with a friend…I mean come on. Not to mention the mentality behind it. “Things get tough: run away, get away, escape the situation, let’s protect you and move you out of it instead of giving you the tools you need to get through it, persevere, stick to it, find your way around it, get through it.” 

Jeff talked to Ethan about it and Ethan didn’t seem to think it was that big of a deal; he shrugged it off. Before leaving the house, Marcy literally said to Jeff, “I’m about to have a nervous breakdown over this.” SHEESH. WTF? How is this woman going to make it through the rest of Ethan’s schooling?

Monday, April 20, 2015

Much Better

By Friday, I was doing MUCH better, thank you for asking. The Prozac had kicked in and all was right with the world again. We had a fabulous weekend; Saturday the weather was beautiful and there were many impromptu basketball games with friends and then neighbors and the kids and dog were outside pretty much ALL DAY. Yesterday was rainy and Kylie slept pretty much all day, recovering from the weekend’s activity. It was a good day for that sort of thing.

Plus, we looked through old videos I had taken of Sophie when she was little and we laughed our heads off:) That was fun too. How the hell do they grow up so fast? In one video she has a baby voice and then all of the sudden she doesn't. Next thing I know, it will be high school graduation.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Black Hole is Near

I'm glad I re-start my Prozac today because boy that Depression, it can come on FAST. It's always lurking there in the background. 

It's not a fun way to live. I feel like I'm always fighting it, pushing it away and it keeps creeping in. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Monday, April 06, 2015

Things My Daughter Says

Recently Jamie has been leaving “inspirational quote” messages in Sophie’s lunchbox. Things about success, being positive, excelling, yadda yadda yadda. This has been going on for a couple of weeks. The first time I saw one I rolled my eyes to the ceiling. And I thought, “He can’t be serious, can he? What a tool.” (“Tool” is the Philly word for “dork”). And then I thought “She can’t be buying this shit, can she?” So yesterday in the car I decided to ask her.
Me: Sophie, how have you been liking Daddy’s “inspirational quote” messages he’s been leaving in your lunchbox lately?
Sophie: Listen. I like inspirational quotes as much as the next guy, but it’s pretty cheesy. Pretty, pretty cheesy. [rolling her eyes toward the roof of the car:] I can’t wait until he’s done that book.
Me: Oh, he’s getting these quotes from a book?
Sophie: Yeah
Me: What’s the book’s title, “How to inspire your school-aged child with cheesy inspirational quotes?”

Monday, March 30, 2015

Am I Nesting?

I’m not nesting because I’m definitely not pregnant, but a couple of weeks ago I did do a home project - oh, it was during spring break - and I organized a mess that desperately needed to be organized. This is what happens when I watch too much HGTV.

So, this is what our living room used to look like:

The living room contains the fireplace, cabinets, the baby grand, my work area, kids’ homework supplies and craft area. It was trying to be too many things at once, for sure! And it was over-crowded and didn’t work. It hasn’t been working since Sophie and I moved in here with Jeff. So, I FINALLY fixed it!

NOW, look at how much space we have:

Notice that not only did I remove the two bookcases, I also got rid of the ‘holding’ area for the crap on either end of the fireplaces. And I recycled the two printers that had been sitting ON our fireplace for months. 

So. much. better.

There are PLENTY of other house projects left to do (including the GIANT whole going down the stairs) - if you own a home, you know they are never done. We are still talking about and saving up for the kitchen; the backyard needs a retaining wall replaced; the bedroom doors need painted - I wanted to go with frosted doors like this:
but Jeff said no, because our hallway is too narrow and the bedrooms too close and it won’t give enough privacy or block enough light. 

I would love to replace our closet doors and oh yeah - PUT in a door to the master bathroom. 

That’s not the end of the list, of course, but it’s enough for now.


Prozac is working! I heart it! I cannot tell you what a relief it is - I did not get depressed or want to kill myself and I did not even have the urge to kill anyone else! It’s just such a relief. Sure, I still got some of the regular PMS symptoms: hunger, exhaustion and irritability - but NOTHING like what I had been experiencing for the past year. 

I can be a normal person!

As long as I take enough drugs.