Thursday, May 14, 2015


The other night Sophie and I were snuggling in my bed and watching her favorite show, “When Girl Meets World” (For those of you without tweens, do you remember the old show with Corey and Topanga, “Boy Meets World”? Well they are married and this one is about their middle school daughter Riley, her BFF Mya, and her brother Augie. And it’s totally cheesy but also kind of cute. For some reason, Jamie loves it *rolls eyes*)

Anyway, in the episode just before this one, Riley (in 8th grade) - the main character - and a boy kiss and now they are trying to figure out what that MEANS since it was a first for both of them. This is the conversation Sophie and I had during the viewing:
Me: Wait What? Riley kissed a boy?!
Sophie: Yes, in the last episode.
Me: OOOOh!
Sophie: *rolls eyes*
Me: Are YOU going to tell me when YOU have your first kiss?
Sophie: EW! GROSS!
Me: You’ll likely change your mind. Will you tell me though?
Sophie [Exasperated]: Fine, yes, now can we just watch the show?!?
Me: Promise?
Sophie: Mom!
Me: Okay okay. [a few moments later] Wait - is that the boy she kissed?
Sophie: Yeah.
Me: Oh! He’s cute!
Sophie: Mom! Gross!
Me: What? I’m not saying he’s cute for ME, but I can see why Riley thinks he’s cute.
Sophie: Oh my gosh can you please stop talking?!
Me [sad face]: Okay fine.

My mom and I had many a talk watching cheesy Lifetime movies, or old dramas like 90210, Party of Five. That’s how she taught me about the “Birds and the Bees” and how she felt about teenage pregnancy and drinking, etc., etc. She never sat me down and said, “Now we are going to talk about how if you get pregnant, I will NOT raise that baby for you and you will have to live with that consequence for the rest of your life and it is hard enough being a mother when you are an adult let alone just a kid yourself and…” I was too damn terrified to get pregnant as a teen because I knew there was no way in hell my mom would pick up the slack for me. 

My mom is smart. 

And effective.!

When/where was your first kiss and how old were you? Mine was in 6th grade, Matt, and we were dared to kiss behind the hand-ball board on the playground and it was only a peck and the most popular girl in the school who I hated with a passion, Lori, was the one who told on me DESPITE the fact that she CONSTANTLY had FRENCH kissing contests on the playground and it was the ONLY time in my life I’ve ever been to the principal and my mom, when she found out it was just a peck, said, “Oh, that’s it?” and laughed. 

Your turn!
PS - Did you tell your mom? I probably wouldn’t have except I got caught!

Mother’s Day

We had a nice mother’s day. Everyone came over to our house as it was our turn to host. (Jeff’s family alternates the major holidays - we have the easiest one!) Of course we didn’t have Ethan; he was with his mom. 

Jeff didn’t really get me anything except he did get some hanging baskets out front and planted some elephant ears. 

Sophie got me some things we saw at Michael’s a while back when we were shopping for a friend’s birthday gift; a purple mug that says “Some people need air to breathe. I need coffee.” Which is so me. And a pen that says “I will totally lose this.” Also me, considering I can never find my phone, my Kindle, my iPad and look all around the house until my daughter rolls her eyes and says, “Mom, it’s right here.” aka practically in front of my face. Oh and she also got me beautiful flowers wrapped in purple:)

Sophie and I ended up shopping for Ethan’s gift to Marcy; Sophie said she wanted to get TT a locket and then Ethan said he liked that idea for his mom. We only had him once last week and on that night, he and Jeff went to the Cardinal’s game. Sophie and I went to FIVE stores and finally ended up back at Kohl’s where we had first spotted a heart-shaped locket with purple sparkles (Purple is the favorite color of both me and Marcy, and we are both obsessed with it). It had a $100 tag on it but of course was on sale and the sales lady scanned another coupon for me so really we got it for $25. But you know how Kohl’s is - they do that for everything. Sophie did NOT end up getting a locket for TT because she couldn’t find one that was right - Kohl’s was the only place we went that had one (we went around here, not to the mall) so she ended up getting her a silk fashion scarf instead. 

I received texts from both TT and Marcy wishing me a happy mother’s day and thank you for the gifts. Actually, I felt bad: Marcy didn’t get hers until yesterday since we had it over here and hadn’t seen Ethan and I forgot to give it to Jeff when he went to Ethan’s baseball game Monday night. Of course we had to kind of remind Ethan to say thank you for me and Sophie doing his shopping for him and going to FIVE stores and paying for the gift but he is a 10 year old boy, what can you do. He probably didn’t even think about it until Sunday morning, haha.

Marcy and Ethan did something very nice on mother’s day: they brought flowers to Jeff’s mom/Ethan’s Grandma Betty. When she was over here later that afternoon she told us that and then said “And that’s all I’m going to say about that.” We all laughed like, “What does that mean?” but she wouldn’t expand on that. 

My mom had called me last week, early on, and said, “I don’t want anything for Mother’s Day; really, I just can’t do it.” Oh mothers, they are funny. Sophie did end up getting her something but it was just very small and my mom really liked it; it was a bird thing you stick in your garden.

We all had a good time and even though Sophie was disappointed there was only one girl cousin over and two boy cousins (the older girl cousins were still at college), the kids all ended up playing cards and “gambling” for goldfish.

Jeff did all the cooking and per his mother’s request made his famous meat sauce. We had angel hair pasta and mostacholi, texas toast, and I made a salad. 

Aren’t Grandmas the best??! (left to right: Jeff's mom Betty, Sophie, my mom Barbara)

Speaking of Grandmas, I met a lady last week that I wanted to adopt as my Grandma. Jeff and I had just walked the lake with Kylie and then there was a husband/wife ‘band’ singing at the Lakeside Grill near the lake, so we stopped in for drinks and dinner. They were pretty good and really nice; we talked to them on their breaks. Anyway, I went out to the railing overlooking the lake with Kylie and this little old lady came up to me and started chatting away - about the view, the place, the dog, etc. She had a British accent as she lived in London but was originally from Dublin and was here in St. Louis for her nephew’s wedding which was “lovely, just lovely.” We chatted so long when I came back to the table, Jeff said, “Did you make a new friend?” and I had a smile on my face and said “Yes I did!” She was so cute - singing and dancing and cheerful. I enjoyed meeting her. 

Also, the ‘band’ dedicated “You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Hound Dog” to Kylie (even though she’s NOT a hound dog) and Kylie was so tired from our long walk and people watching that she let me hold her on her lap and clap her paws together. She got a lot of attention and smiles:)

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Deck Project

This past weekend we worked on the deck. It was a family affair. Sophie was out there for two hours with us; she volunteered to help. Ethan mostly stayed inside and played video games but did help for about 20 minutes or so. He wouldn't play with Sophie even though she kept asking, and I think it is because that poor kid is so over-scheduled and over-socialized at his mom's house that he never gets a chance to be alone. Like if Sophie tells me, "I'm bored." I tell her to go find something to do. I feel like if Ethan tells Marcy "I'm bored," she would call 9-1-1.

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. We painted our deck with a solid color stain called “California Rustic.” First Jeff had replaced some of the rotted floor boards, power washed, and then we painted/stained.
See before/after:
(Once upon a time those boards on the left were green).
It looks like a brand new deck! Now we are on to the play structure, which desperately needs some TLC.

We’re having everyone over for mother’s day on Sunday but we have so many projects going on. Our electrical was all messed up, we have two lights not working, we still haven’t replaced the ceiling fan in the sunroom, and we have big globs of mud on our walls from fixing up some holes. Lovely. 

In addition, we need to replace the ceiling in the basement as well as our retaining wall outside. 

We started on the play structure but there is rain in the forecast for the next 4 days so who knows if we will be able to complete it in time for Sunday.
Oh, AND we just replaced our 40 year old air conditioner to a newer, more efficient model. 

Oh the joys of home ownership.
Bonus photo of Miss Kylie

Silly Kids!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tell it Like it Is

Me: Sophie, why is Sutton always so shy around me?
Sophie: I don’t know…probably because you take his sissy away. 
Me: Sheesh!
Sophie: Well I mean, he’s always saying, “It no fair! Sis always at Farrell’s house - when it gonna be OUR turn?”
On one of Sophie’s papers for school that came back in her folder, she had to list some real-live people they had read about/learned about in school for their non-fiction projects, and literally for Hitler, she wrote:

Bad Guy - I shall not write his name, but he was the one who started World War II.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dude, She’s Not Going to Make It

Have I mentioned before that I have never in my life met anyone who needs to smoke pot MORE than Jeff’s ex Marcy? She is a nervous wreck. She is hyper and everything is always “I’m just so concerned; I’m really worried; I just don’t know what to do.”

So recently Ethan has had a friend named Jack who became his BFF. Marcy kind of pushed them together because Jack’s family is rich and “he’s one of the most popular kids in the school.” They became inseparable, and soon Jack was spending every Friday night at Marcy’s and every other Friday night with us. It almost became a bit weird, in that Jack has several other siblings and after establishing a pattern spending the night at Marcy’s on her Fridays, she said to the parents to “just count on Jack spending the night here on Fridays” and then tried to get Jeff to enter into that contract as well for HIS Fridays and he was like “No, that’s weird.” But we totally didn’t mind having Jack over; he seems like a good kid; he’s very polite; he’s no problem for us. And Ethan & Jack reminded me of Sophie and Taylor, her BFF across the street, and of me and Summar in our younger years, when Summar essentially became part of my family because she was always over (we used to tease her that she only came over for the pizza, and I teased Jack that he only came over for the bacon and eggs). Jeff and I started calling Jack our “Friday night son.” 

The boys seemed to get along well and Jack was always polite to me and Jeff and Sophie and Taylor but it did get a bit weird - at one point, Ethan started parting his hair to the side like Jack instead of spiking it up like usual, and Jeff called him out on it.

And then this week something happened. Jeff was picking up Ethan at Marcy’s and she had to go over his summer camp schedule with him and she said that Ethan & Jack “broke up.” Apparently Jack said something about how Ethan invited him over TOO much and Marcy said “I’m so concerned; Ethan seems really upset about this; should I move? Should I switch schools?”
Yes, she seriously said that. She wanted to move, make Ethan switch schools, because he got in a tiff with a friend. Like, 24 hours ago. Ethan was in the bathroom when she said that and he yelled out, “MOM! What?! I’m not switching schools!”

Dude, I’m not talking about a bully situation here. There are some school situations, learning and/or social, where it might be better for your kid to switch schools. But this was a tiff with a friend - I don’t even think it was a fight; Jack just stopped talking to Ethan from the gist of it that I get, and who knows, they may be back to BFFs by next week. Lord if I had switched schools each time I got in a tiff with a friend…I mean come on. Not to mention the mentality behind it. “Things get tough: run away, get away, escape the situation, let’s protect you and move you out of it instead of giving you the tools you need to get through it, persevere, stick to it, find your way around it, get through it.” 

Jeff talked to Ethan about it and Ethan didn’t seem to think it was that big of a deal; he shrugged it off. Before leaving the house, Marcy literally said to Jeff, “I’m about to have a nervous breakdown over this.” SHEESH. WTF? How is this woman going to make it through the rest of Ethan’s schooling?

Monday, April 20, 2015

Much Better

By Friday, I was doing MUCH better, thank you for asking. The Prozac had kicked in and all was right with the world again. We had a fabulous weekend; Saturday the weather was beautiful and there were many impromptu basketball games with friends and then neighbors and the kids and dog were outside pretty much ALL DAY. Yesterday was rainy and Kylie slept pretty much all day, recovering from the weekend’s activity. It was a good day for that sort of thing.

Plus, we looked through old videos I had taken of Sophie when she was little and we laughed our heads off:) That was fun too. How the hell do they grow up so fast? In one video she has a baby voice and then all of the sudden she doesn't. Next thing I know, it will be high school graduation.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Black Hole is Near

I'm glad I re-start my Prozac today because boy that Depression, it can come on FAST. It's always lurking there in the background. 

It's not a fun way to live. I feel like I'm always fighting it, pushing it away and it keeps creeping in.